Conference Objectives

The objectives of the conference will be to discuss the classical and non-classical roles of vitamin D in the following areas:

The role of vitamin D in respiratory infections
The importance of vitamin D in allergic diseases
The involvement of vitamin D in diabetes
The role of vitamin D in cardiovascular diseases
Vitamin D toxicity
The genomic aspects of vitamin D
The molecular aspects of vitamin D action
Activation of vitamin D by Magnesium
The guidelines for vitamin D in the Middle East and Europe
The role of vitamin D and nutrition in human health

The conference will also discuss the importance of nutrition in:

Public health
Clinical care

Besides this conference will also focus on nutrition and health benefits of:

Fermented Foods
Functional foods
Pro- and Prebiotic Foods
Health foods
Fortified Foods

Highlighted Topics

for Oral & Poster Presentations

Vitamin D and diabetes
Vitamin D and lungs
Vitamin D and skin
Vitamin D and supplements
Vitamin D and cancer
Vitamin D and neurology
Vitamin D toxicity
Vitamin D in rickets, and osteoporosis
Vitamin D in women’s health
Vitamin D and autoimmune diseases
Vitamin D and genetics
Vitamin D in mothers and neonates
Vitamin D and human reproduction
Vitamin D molecular biology
Vitamin D metabolomics
Vitamin D physiology and biochemistry
Vitamin D immunology
Vitamin D epidemiology
Vitamin D updates
Public Health nutrition & Food Safety
Nutrition and cancer prevention
Nutritional disorders and treatment
Nutrition and cardiovascular health
Sports Nutrition
Current research in nutrition and food sciences
Role of nutrition in disease prevention
Nutrition, obesity and diabetes
Pediatric nutrition and obesity